Common questions about my business

1. What are your prices?
Customized calendars are $25 each
Custom photo albums for $30 each
$10 per product shipped in Canada.
$20 for tracked shipping

2. What sizes are available for your products?

A customized calendar is the standard calendar size.
A customized photo album is available in sizes 5 x 7 and size 6 x 9

3. How many pages can go in a customized photo album?
15 pages.

4. How many pictures do I need for a calendar?
For a calendar, each page can have anywhere from 1-6 photos.

5. What colors are available?
You choose your color in the customized template.

6. When will my photo album be ready?
It depends if there are any orders queued before yours. Generally about two weeks.

7.What are some photo album ideas you have done in the past?
I have done things like vacations, child’s first year of life and father’s Day photo albums.

8.What payment methods are accepted?
At the moment, Cash and INTERAC E-Transfers.